22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles)

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By the time he presented himself to the police it was conveniently too late to test his word. While Kennedy reported to the police on the morning of 19 July, Gargan organized a clean-up of the cottage so that no traces of revelry remained. For someone shocked and confused, Kennedy was remarkably able to navigate his way to the ferry, swim a foot m channel and find his hotel. There are speculations that the Kennedy clan put subtle pressure on the police to avoid scrutinizing the Kopechne accident too closely.

Kennedy possessed a litany of driving offences, but the court did not learn about them because his driving record miraculously disappeared from the system. No autopsy was performed on Kopechne. This caused a public outcry, leading to a motion to have her body exhumed.

Flanagan was hired and paid for by Teddy Kennedy. If an autopsy had been carried out it might have come to a chilling conclusion. It has been estimated the air in the pocket could have supported her for over two hours—plenty of time, then, for her to have been rescued had Teddy Kennedy acted more expeditiously. The bombings started on 4 September , when an explosion destroyed a block of military flats in the southern Russian city of Buinaksk, killing 62 people.

Two civilian apartment blocks in Moscow were blown up on 9 and 13 September that same year, with fatalities. Then, on 16 September, 17 people died in a truck-bomb blast in Volgodonsk. Since the Chechens, led by Basayev, had been fighting fanatically for independence from Russia. Case closed: the bombings were committed by Chechen militants as part of their terrorist campaign for a free Chechnya.

In response, the acting prime minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, ordered a mass counter-terrorism campaign in Chechnya, a piece of hardman politicking that so endeared him to a fearful Russian electorate that they voted the former FSB director their President in Conspiracy theorists pounced.

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Moscow correspondent David Satter. What sense did it make for the Chechens to commit outrages likely to cause an invasion of Chechnya? Not much. What tangible evidence did the Russian authorities offer to prove Chechen involvement in the bombings? Strangest of all was the bomb that failed to explode in the city of Ryazan, where an apartment resident noted two men acting suspiciously and reported the matter to the city police.

Swiftly the FSB confiscated the sacks, before announcing that they contained sugar and had been used as a prop in a counter-terrorist exercise. The transcript of his interview included:. Journalist: Did you take part in the bombing of buildings in Moscow and Dagestan? Galkin: I personally did not take part in the bombing of the buildings in Moscow and Dagestan, but I know who blew them up, who is behind the bombing of buildings in Moscow and who blew up the buildings in Buinaksk.

The bombing of the buildings in Buinaksk was the work of some members of our group, which at the time was on a mission in Dagestan. Journalist: And as far as I know, here you have been recorded on tape, you confessed to all this, apparently you were filmed with a video camera. And when… when you, during the filming were you acting on your own wishes? As a prisoner of war I have not been beaten here, they have fed me three times a day and when necessary given me medical assistance.

Journalist: Here is the statement given by you. Do you confirm that you made it voluntarily without any pressure on the part of anyone?

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Galkin: This statement is printed from my words. I wrote this statement by hand [holds the piece of paper in front of his face], with my personal signature. Journalist: Now, at this moment, as you are speaking with us, are you afraid of anything? Galkin: No, it is simply that this is the first time I have faced journalists… journalists from western television companies, so I am a bit nervous. Galkin: It is quite simply that due to the nature of our work we have to…we are not supposed to show ourselves in front of television cameras. Journalist: Do you personally and does your unit have anything to do with the explosions in Moscow?

Galkin: Personally our unit has nothing to do with the explosions in Moscow, since at that time we were in Dagestan. The members of our unit, the members of our unit of twelve men, who were in Dagestan at that time, carried out the bombing of the house in Buinaksk.

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After Galkin, it was the turn of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko to accuse his ex-colleagues of orchestrating the apartment block bombings in his book Blowing Up Russia, which was underwritten by the exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky. More than 5, copies of the book were confiscated by Russian authorities in The FSB denied everything. Meanwhile, Berezovsky was compromised by his overt hostility to the Russian regime, which had accused him of financial wrongdoings.

Yet suspicions that the FSB had something to hide over the apartment bombings refused to go away. Why, if the hostage-takers were incapacitated, were they summarily executed with bullets? Beslan residents themselves organized protests against Russian complicity in the siege. The truth of the apartment bombings may never properly emerge from the murky war between Russian neo-imperialists and Chechen separatists.

Matters have not been aided by a pro-Kremlin bloc in the Russian Duma parliament , which stymied an investigation into the attempted Ryazan bombing, or by the inconvenient fate that met two members of an independent public investigation, Sergei Yushenkov and Yuri Shchekochikin. They died in circumstances which suggested assassination. The last decade has seen a dramatic rise in the number of planes in our skies. No-frills airlines, cheap seats and the lure of ever more exotic destinations have put more jumbos over our cities and countryside.

For a contrail to form, the plane must be flying above 33, feet 10,m , at which altitude the hot engine exhaust condenses into ice crystals to form a pencil-thin vapour trail that relatively quickly vanishes. Chemtrails, observers claim, are very evidently different. These appear much thicker and extend across the sky, often in criss-cross patterns, grids or parallel lines.

Reports of chemtrails have come from many, mostly highly developed countries, including France, Britain, Canada, Germany and New Zealand, but the most activity appears to be centred on the United States. One video produced by seasoned chemtrail campaigner Clifford Carnicom warns people to make the most of blue skies now—blue skies, he believes, will become a thing of the past once chemtrails have become so prevalent they obscure the sun permanently from view.

The answer is that no one really knows for sure. Concerned activists say they cannot raise enough funds to hire a plane at short notice to fly up to high altitudes and capture some of the chemtrail vapour to conduct a proper analysis, nor do they believe they would be given flight clearance to do so.

Some claim to have collected solid matter fallen from a chemtrail-filled sky which reputedly contains high bacterial numbers, but other samples have been mysteriously mislaid, or their existence has been denied following their arrival at official government laboratories. One amazed Californian says he noted no more than the usual amount of chemtrails over his property one morning but this was followed several hours later by skeins of white, waxy material falling on to trees, pavements and so on, where it slowly dissolved.

He collected some of the strange material and placed it in a sealed jar, but within 24 hours over half of it had disappeared.

The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on April 22, · 8

He sealed the jar more closely, but when he opened it some days later he was, he said, overwhelmed by a noxious gas that stung his throat and burned his lips. Somehow he managed to preserve some of the material. Under the microscope it appeared fibrous and sticky, but it has remained unidentified. The US Environmental Protection Agency EPA reportedly no longer accepts any such samples for testing even though its stated remit is to protect the American people from possible sources of contamination.

It must be assumed now in this country that communication on this topic is monitored. The most probable constituent of the chemtrails would seem to be aluminium. Documented aerial tests have been carried out to test a theory perpetrated by Dr Edward Teller one of the creators of the hydrogen bomb that aluminium particles seeded into the atmosphere would reflect sunlight back out into space and reduce the effects of global warming.

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If clouds of aluminium were not bad enough there are yet more terrifying alternatives. Conspiracy theorists claim that biological weapons are being used by supporters of the New World Order to reduce the global population. Obviously, genocide on this scale would require some exceptionally devious means, not just to reach enough of the population but to be carried out without anyone noticing. This method might also have to be more subtle than just poisoning whole populations.

To which end, what better than to spray us all with a biohazardous pathogen which will slowly attack the immune systems of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the young and the sick, particularly those already suffering such auto-immune disorders as AIDS, allowing them to succumb fatally to a barrage of influenza-type illnesses, which, as everybody knows, are notoriously difficult to contain or treat, there being so many different strains? Barium salt mixtures have been identified as carriers for a whole host of pathogens or chemicals which could contaminate the people living beneath the chemtrails, breaking down their immune systems and poisoning them slowly and undetectably.

Other theorists, by contrast, suggest that chemtrails are being used not to kill people but to inoculate them secretly against the biological weapons that might be unleashed by enemy states, and that it is the reaction to this inoculation process which causes the flu-like symptoms.

The fact that its supporters appear to be singing from different hymn sheets rather dents the credibility of the chemtrail theory. While one camp maintains chemtrails are intended to reduce world population by 85 per cent, China is apparently exempt because it is viewed as such a perfect example of the New World Order in action that it is being groomed to replace the US as the next superpower.

Might there be only the Chinese left? Not much fun being a superpower with no one left to lord it over, is it? But this particular conspiracy theory is undermined by a much simpler flaw. It is a question not so much of what might be in the chemtrails but of how they are delivered in the first place. If as theorists claim these trails are dispensed by special units attached or hidden in the fuselage of both military and commercial jets, that would imply that every airline pilot and every maintenance-crew member was party to the conspiracy, and that not one of all these people has let the secret slip out.

Even claims that rogue chemicals are being added directly to jet fuel seem highly implausible: what pathogen could survive ignition in a jumbo jet engine? Official sources in the American military and scientific community remain adamant that what people are noticing are not chemtrails but ordinary contrails.

Forgotten Leaders. Episode 1. Felix Dzerzhinsky. Documentary. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

A prominent meteorologist quoted on the wonderfully named New Mexicans for Science and Reason website www. The US government has already been guilty of secretly exposing its citizens to artificial pathogens and chemicals. According to a Dr Cole who testified before the Committee on Veteran Affairs on 6 May , citizens reported illnesses in those areas but their health was never monitored because the army assumed the bacteria and chemicals they were spraying were harmless.

These simulants included Aspergillis fumigatus, a bacterium which gives rise to a potentially fatal disease known as aspergillosis, and zinc cadmium sulphide, which is known to cause cancer.

22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles) 22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles)
22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles) 22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles)
22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles) 22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles)
22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles) 22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles)
22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles) 22 Lubianka Street (Starr Chronicles)

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