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We also need to rethink how we formulate our models. And are there methods we might use to bring out significant texts, or clusters of words, that the eye cannot see? And modeling those forms of influence is far harder, as I can personally attest.

But those models that are increasingly necessary—lest we inadvertently reinscribe the same power relations that we intend to critique. There are, of course, other things we can do better to connect the project of distant reading to the project of structural critique.

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But if we re-commit ourselves to the project of exposing and interrogating power, we could arrive at a form of distant reading that is much more capacious, and much more inclusive, than what we have at the present. And it may very well be that a distant view that is trained on power, and that is self-reflexive about the forces that enable it—cultural and conceptual as well as computational—can contribute, significantly, to the project of dismantling structural power.

Indeed, this project of critiquing power and working towards justice is the most pressing project of our time.

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View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. They point out that, so far, the results of his investigations have been either wrong or underwhelming.

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It pushes critics to rethink what they do especially critics who think of themselves as well-read. What does it mean, studying world literature? How do we do it? I work on west European narrative between and , and already feel like a charlatan outside of Britain and France. World literature? Many people have read more and better than I have, of course, but still, we are talking hundreds of languages and literatures here.

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There are thirty thousand nineteenth-century British novels out there, forty, fifty, sixty thousand—no one really knows, no one has read them, no one ever will. And then there are French novels, Chinese, Argentinian, American…. By , Moretti had pinned down these numbers and charted the production of novels over time.

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His graphs that track novels published per year have an almost poetic quality, setting ambition and effort on the y-axis, against the erosions of time on the x-axis. It plays a larger role in his appeal, I suspect, than most Morettians would like to admit. All this sounds austere and self-serious. I have my objections, of course. Distant Reading for European Literary History COST Action CA is a project aiming to create a vibrant and diverse network of researchers jointly developing the resources and methods necessary to change the way European literary history is written.

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Grounded in the Distant Reading paradigm i. Fostering insight into cross-national, large-scale patterns and evolutions across European literary traditions, the Action will facilitate the creation of a broader, more inclusive and better-grounded account of European literary history and cultural identity. To accomplish this, the Action will:.

Distant Reading
Distant Reading
Distant Reading
Distant Reading
Distant Reading
Distant Reading
Distant Reading
Distant Reading
Distant Reading

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