Doves of Fire

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You've always been A loose cannon, gone And the way you were back then You'd take on anyone It takes years to accept it all And to be yourself. You tell me, you say "I walk in fire, you walk in fire" You're not free till you Walk in fire, I walk with fire, you walk in fire. On and on and day by day We fool ourselves we ain't the same Everyone who stayed away Man I always felt your pain. On and on I tell myself Fool ourselves we ain't the same Everyone who stayed away Man I always felt your pain. All were unharmed as well.

Footage from the scene showed two tropical birds, one green and one blue and yellow, in cages outside the building, which had fire damage on the second and third floors.

Walk In Fire

City police and fire investigators are probing the blaze, the fire department said. You can also follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram , and sign up for our e-mail newsletters.

Walk in Fire by Doves | Song Catalog | The Current

NBC 10 Boston News at pm The latest local news, weather and investigative stories impacting your community. Find NBC Boston in your area for your channel. Me, Andy and Jez were guitarists and drummers but that took a back seat while we embraced this new music. Still, not that much later we started getting disillusioned with clubbing, It was getting ugly and violent out there and around after we had the hit!

Andy Williams: We stopped going to clubs and became more interested in hypnotic guitar sounds. JG: The change took time!

A true survivor: Dove’s story

Did you need the time to find your sound? JG: Yes very much so. Also we were searching for a Singer for ages. There was a lot of experimenting and jamming on ideas. AW: We only wanted to release something if we were percent sure of it. And us starting fell right into the high times of Britpop and we never wanted to be part of it.


We actually wanted to work against this. Indeed, the album appeared in a quite interesting period of time.

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How do you remember the time back then? JG: We were just concentrating on our thing.

‘New Order’s studio had no windows’

Flying under the radar. It had been such a tough few years to get to that point. Manchester has always been a working-class town, far away from the glamour of London.

As Andy tells me, they truly went through a difficult time and a lot of changes. Rob Gretton was a key figure for many Mancunian bands. Also for you, right? He introduced us. They had released Spaceface but declined to put out our next release which became the Coast EP.

You had the most famous club in the world at the time and the label was ignoring all this great Club music right under their noses. Typically bizarre Factory behaviour!

Doves of Fire Doves of Fire
Doves of Fire Doves of Fire
Doves of Fire Doves of Fire
Doves of Fire Doves of Fire
Doves of Fire Doves of Fire
Doves of Fire Doves of Fire
Doves of Fire Doves of Fire
Doves of Fire Doves of Fire

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