Fifteen Minutes With Christ

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But how? What does a realistic plan look like? Read a portion of the Bible for fifteen minutes.

A Guide for Daily Devotions

I would suggest either the Gospel of Mark or the book of Romans. Read slowly and methodically. After you have read, go back over the passages and mark down in your journal answers to the following questions. Use ALL 15 minutes. Your best insights will probably come in minutes fourteen or fifteen. Read another portion of the Bible for fifteen minutes. Continue on in whatever book you started with. Spend the last five minutes praying to God. Use the answers to your questions to pray for through the A.

Fifteen minutes that will change your life

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. As you connect at Mission Baptist, we want to encourage you to show up at least fifteen minutes early- whether its for Bible Study, the Worship Service, or some other event, to make yourself available to any immediate needs, or to simply make our guests feel welcome. Additionally, we want to encourage you to stick around for at least fifteen minutes after the service, to get to know both the first time guests and the other members of the church, because we believe that relationships are one of the most influential tools that we have, as we strive to help one another become like Jesus Christ.

In addition to giving fifteen minutes, we want to encourage you, as you connect at Mission Baptist, to give 1 hour of your week to serving the body of Christ.

Fiteen Minutes in the company of Jesus in the

This is beautiful, Abba. Here's one of my favorite quotes re: Eucharistic Adoration: "A thousand years of enjoying human glory is not worth even an hour spent sweetly communing with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Padre Pio. Originally Posted by Sottovoce. For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. Join Date Oct Posts 1. I love this little devotion. I found a copy online when our church first started Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament! My copy is slightly different from yours.

Speak to Me simply, as you would talk to your mother, if she had taken you in her arms. Have you no one to recommend to Me? Tell Me the names of your relations, and of your friends; after each name add what you wish Me to do for them. I love generous hearts that forget themselves for others. Speak to Me, with simplicity, about the poor whom you want to help; the sick whom you have seen suffer; the sinner whom you would convert; the persons who are alienated from you; and whose affections you wish to win back.

For all recite a fervent prayer. Remind Me that I have promised to grant every prayer that comes from the heart; and surely the prayers are heartfelt which we say for those whom we love, and who love us. Have you no favors to ask for yourself? Write, if you like, a long list of all your wishes - all the needs of your soul - and come and read it to Me.

Tell Me frankly how self-indulgent you are; how proud; how touchy; how selfish; how cowardly; how idle Poor child! Do not blush! There are in heaven so many Saints who had the same faults as you! But they prayed to Me, with humility; and, little by little, they were freed from their defects.


Do not hesitate to ask for the goods of body and mind - for health, for memory, for success in your works, business or studies. I can give you everything, and I always give when the gifts would make souls more holy. What do you want today, My child? Oh, if you knew how I long to do you good! Have you no plans to interest you? What can I do for you? Do you have any projects that you are working on? Tell me about them. Do they concern your vocation? What are you worried about?

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What do you think of? What would you like? Are you planning some pleasure for you mother, for your family, for your guardian? What do you wish Me to do for them? And have you no thoughts of zeal for Me?

Ever Wish You Could Be God for 15 Minutes?

Are you not anxious to do a little good for the souls of your friends, for those whom you love, and who, perhaps, have forgotten Me? Tell Me what interests you; what motives urge you; what you yearn for; what means you wish to take. Confide in Me your failures.

I will show you the cause.

Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ
Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ
Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ
Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ
Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ
Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ
Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ
Fifteen Minutes With Christ Fifteen Minutes With Christ

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