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If I turned around now and went back in, it would be too obvious it was for him. However, a couple of years ago I came across a website that lists massage therapists all over the world, by type of massage they offer and city, and in my mind, figured that having a sensual massage would be a way of having some male contact, without "going out and having sex". Splitting hairs, I know - but that's a whole other story, and not for discussion here. My first week becomes a blur of wailing sirens, speeding squad cars and cold revolvers coupled with the realization that my youthful good looks and trim, uniform-clad body had drawn the attention of the others officers.

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I didn't bother me because we didn't had a lot of contact. He was a shy guy and we never hung out a lot. After a few days alone in my apartment on the campus I got a message from the campus administration that I would have a new room mate next week. I prepared his site of the room and cleaned the shared bathroom.

If all he'd said was 'We're going to make you a muscular man. There was a large glass tube in the heart of the machine, easily big enough to hold two men comfortably. The tube was surrounded by other wires and there were other tubes that entered the glass one in the centre. He assumed, correctly that he was supposed to get into the big tube. Miguel nodded when he gestured at it and Joey got in it. He entered the tube and heard Miguel's voice from a speaker somewhere inside. One to each leg, each arm, and one to his chest. He looked at them apprehensively, as they were as thick as two fingers in diameter.

You're going to gain weight in muscle mass, and that mass has to come from somewhere, so we inject it straight into your bloodstream with these. Knowing that do you still want to proceed? He didn't care if it hurt if it gave him a body like Miguel's. I'm starting the procedure. It hurt, but Joey gritted his teeth and attempted to ignore it.

We have to wait a minute for it to circulate to the rest of your body before we can actually start the growth. The fire in his leg, spread up into his dick, up his abs, chest, arms and even into his head. It was like being forced to stay in a campfire even as he slowly started burning. Joey grunted as the fluid entered him in five places. He felt, rather than saw, his body starting to swell. Gay Erotic Stories. Last updated Nov 30, 12222 - Home of 21276 erotic stories

He really didn't care about the muscle growing along his body at the moment. He suddenly understood what Miguel had said. He really did want this over with quickly. Through the pain though it was impossible not to notice some things, like how his thighs forced each other outwards, forcing him to adopt a wider stance.

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How his back thickened and widened, forcing his arms out wider. How it was getting difficult to look down over growing pecs. How his body itched as hair grew in. All those were easily ignored however at the pain. He screamed as his bones lengthened, and the muscle fluid just kept pouring in. The growth had only taken another minute, but it had felt longer than that when it abruptly halted. The door of the chamber opened and Joey staggered out, unaccustomed to walking with massive thighs. He looked up, panting and saw Miguel slowly stroking his really thick, uncut, Latin cock and staring at Joey.

Miguel walked over and pulled one of Joey's thick arms around his shoulder. I know that transformation takes a lot out of you. It wasn't hard for Miguel to notice this.

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Joey looked at Miguel in confusion. Of course we're all gay! That's the one prerequisite for the transformation you know.

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I can't believe I left that out. You have to be gay or the transformation won't work! We try to keep it relatively quiet, but it's hard to do so with a hundred 21 year old horny musclemen in one place. So we don't leave here?

Not with 'a hundred 21 year old horny musclemen in one place. Look you're probably exhausted. I was when I transformed. Just let me take you to a room and you can rest up a bit before you meet the rest of the guys. He let Miguel practically carry him to a much nicer room than the one he'd previously been in, lay him down on a bed, and he was sleeping the moment that his head touched the pillow.

He sat up and stood up, marvelling at how abnormally easy it was. Normally standing up really wasn't much of an exertion, but people usually do get tired of it after a few hours.

Joey instinctively knew that he wouldn't.

Hung Hunk Tales Hung Hunk Tales
Hung Hunk Tales Hung Hunk Tales
Hung Hunk Tales Hung Hunk Tales
Hung Hunk Tales Hung Hunk Tales
Hung Hunk Tales Hung Hunk Tales
Hung Hunk Tales Hung Hunk Tales

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