Im a Bratty Ratty!

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But Christmas Eve was my last straw. This child has told me he is going to murder me or told me he hopes someone murders me…in front of my child. He does mean, sneaky things and acts innocent for his father. Oh, his father.

My man is not his real father and the child does not know it yet. He is definitely not mature enough to handle the information so that is under wraps until such time. I have begged my man to get his children counseling. She is pleasant enough, but there are still signs of her addiction. You can tell she is working very hard at staying sober…mostly because the meds she is on will not mix with anything else.

With mom in town, the youngest will not do anything unless mom is there. We were not allowed in his mind to eat anywhere that mom did not approve of. I get it. This boy needs and wants his mom so bad he will do anything, including being horrible to me and my child. He is fairly close in age to my son so they usually play very well together. But with mom in town, he seems to think it is okay to be nasty to all of us…dad, me, his brother, and my son.

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My son was so excited Christmas Eve and wanted to share his excitement so he thought he could share it with the kid. I have had talks with him about his tongue, civil talks explaining things calmly. His dad has. We both have very short fuses with his behavior which is no good for anyone. The worst part, mom would not make her son apologize.

If you want to be back as mom, you have to take all the stuff that comes with it.

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I ended up telling my man and he took him aside, talked to him and he went and apologized to my son. All of this broke my heart! It broke my heart to see my son so sad about no santa and the other horrible things he said to my boy. If this is what you want, then continue and let his behavior continue. I think I have finally talked him into getting the youngest therapy at least…which is a step in the right direction.

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But until then…I hate his youngest son. He is such a horrible human being. I have seen that my man has pretty much given up besides the fact my man wears his guilt on his sleeve. He has guilt for not being his real father. And guilt that he never told him. Guilt that he hid the child from his father for 2 years.

He knows there is a problem, and I am offering up a solution…I just wish he would take it. We have been fighting more lately because with mom back in the picture, he has become more combative with me and my boy. I am totally floored that my child still wants to play with him. I get along with his oldest son. His father was the instructor. And I instantly had a crush on him… he never knew.

But looking back, we both knew it was in the cards for us. The love I have with him is unmatched by another man and his love for me is the same.

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The commonalities we have are astounding and quite unique. I believe he is my soul mate, and I his. I hate to see that people have given up and left the situation. I feel like doing the same, but I will keep fighting for what is right for me and my son and for that boy. And tells me to shut up. I have never wanted to hurt a child before…but I am so incredibly close. His behavior caused us to fight on Christmas Day. How do you tell your man that you think his kid is the devil incarnate? Matter of factly, thats how. I apologized for feeling like that, but that is how I feel. I care about both kids.

I hurt for them. Even people that hate kids…love my kid. He is very sweet, kind, gentle… to hurt him seems so incredibly horrible to me. My Dh had a long talk with him today about not following rules in our home and he feels like they are all designed to thwart his existence all 4 kids must abide. She had been counting on my Dh moving closer to her to help shuttle around the kids once her BF kicked her out of the house but instead he moved to be closer to me.

I feel all the pain you ladies are going through.

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My ex is remarried and I am so grateful for what she does for my DD. I have been taking care of both SS for 3 summers we got married last year to save BM money with camp and this is the thanks I get. I am so overwhelmed. I know how you all feel. My husband is the guilty dad who did all the fun things. I told him that with fun comes parenting.

I accidentally started doing it. His kids are spoiled.

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Messy little princesses. He cleans their room for them because I refuse to. All she wants to do at dads is watch YouTube for hours straight. I tried to limit it once and she pouted until the time went off for her to get her tv back. But she acts so sweet to me when grandma and other adults watch. Stares at me with this creepy smile. We only get them every other weekend. And his younger daughter has streaks of violence but somehow no one sees or believes it.

She once said she would kill my baby if it was a boy. They used to love me until we told their mum we were having a baby. I worry my daughter will turn out like them because of an over involved mother in law in place too. So let me be the evil step mom who sides with the step moms who dislike their step kids. They will miss out. I refuse to let them do what they want just so dad feels like they want to come over.

Kids need boundaries. People need to lay off the step moms. We have a shitty job most of the time. The way I see it is that if their moms took the time to parent. But one thing I do is encourage my husband to see them. I used to be super step mom until their moms screwed me over. Hate on me all you like. You know there are so many people who feel the same.

Im a Bratty Ratty!
Im a Bratty Ratty!
Im a Bratty Ratty!
Im a Bratty Ratty!
Im a Bratty Ratty!
Im a Bratty Ratty!
Im a Bratty Ratty!

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