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The original flora consisted mainly of broadleaf evergreens. Non-native species are common, as the mild climate and abundant rainfall permit a multitude of tropical, subtropical and temperate plants to be cultivated, especially the ubiquitous eucalyptus.

(Departments and Institutes of Economics, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart)

The record high temperature was The city experiences four seasons. The winter is mild and sub-dry, and the summer is moderatly warm and rainy. Autumn and spring are transitional seasons.

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Frosts occur sporadically in regions further away from the center, in some winters throughout the city. Rainfall is abundant, annually averaging 1, millimetres On the other hand, relatively cool days during summer are fairly common when persistent winds blow from the ocean. In winter, however, the strong inflow of cold fronts accompanied by excessive cloudiness and polar air cause very low temperatures, even in the afternoon.

Locals say that all four seasons can be experienced in one day, similar to Melbourne, Australia. In the morning, when winds blow from the ocean, the weather can be cool or sometimes even cold. When the sun hits its peak, the weather can be extremely dry and hot. When the sun sets, the cold wind comes back bringing cool temperatures. This phenomenon happens usually in the winter.

In , the city had 2,, opposite-sex couples and 7, same-sex couples. Since to , approximately 2. The Italian community is one of the strongest, with a presence throughout the city. Even today, Italians are grouped in neighborhoods like Bixiga, Bras and Mooca to promote celebrations and festivals. Six thousand pizzerias are producing about a million pizzas a day. The Portuguese community is also large, and it is estimated that three million paulistanos have some origin in Portugal. Germans, French and Italians shared the dry goods sector with Brazilians.

Foodstuffs was generally the province of either Portuguese or Brazilians, except for bakery and pastry which was the domain of the French and Germans. Shoes and tinware were mostly controlled by Italians. However, the larger metallurgical plants were in the hands of the English and the Americans.

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Of the immigrants who arrived there between and , Between and , The main reported ancestries were: Italian The city once attracted numerous immigrants from all over Brazil and even from foreign countries, due to a strong economy and for being the hub of most Brazilian companies. This migration grew enormously in the s and remained huge in the next decades.

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The concentration of land, modernization in rural areas, changes in work relationships and cycles of droughts stimulated migration. Source: Planet Barsa Ltda. Buddhism and Eastern religions also have relevance among the beliefs most practiced by Paulistanos.

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It is estimated that there are more than one hundred thousand Buddhist followers and Hindu. Also considerable are Judaism , Mormonism and Afro-Brazilian religions. Others 1, had no religion 9. The archive of the archdiocese, called the Metropolitan Archival Dom Duarte Leopoldo e Silva, located in the Ipiranga neighborhood, holds one of the most important documentary heritage in Brazil. Source: IBGE According to the Global Homicide Survey released by the United Nations , in the period between and the homicide rate dropped from Crime rates , such as homicide , have been steadily declining for 8 years.

Carandiru's 9th DP is considered one of the five best police stations in the world and the best in Latin America. Among the capitals, it was the fourth less violent, registering, in , homicide rates higher than those of Boa Vista , Palmas and Natal. During two World Wars and the Great Depression , coffee exports from other regions of the state were critically affected. The primary language is Portuguese.

From on, following orders from Marquess of Pombal , Portuguese language was introduced through immigration and consequently taught to children in schools.

The original Tupi Austral language subsequently lost ground to Portuguese , and eventually became extinct. Italian mingled with Portuguese and as an old influence, was assimilated or disappeared into spoken language. The local accent with Italian influences became notorious through the songs of Adoniran Barbosa , a Brazilian samba singer born to Italian parents who used to sing using the local accent. Although today most Japanese-Brazilians speak only Portuguese, some of them are still fluent in Japanese.

Some people of Chinese and Korean descent are still able to speak their ancestral languages. The Legislative Power is represented by the Municipal Chamber, composed of 55 aldermen elected to four-year posts in compliance with the provisions of Article 29 of the Constitution, which governs a minimum number of 42 and a maximum of 55 for municipalities with more than five million inhabitants. It is up to the house to draft and vote fundamental laws to the administration and to the Executive, especially the municipal budget well-known like Law of Budgetary Guidelines.

The actual performance and representativeness of such councils, however, are sometimes questioned. These zones are identified by colors in the street signs. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers average annual economic growth of the city is 4. The city has 1, bank branches and 70 shopping malls. The city is unique among Brazilian cities for its large number of foreign corporations. Santiago now ranks second, followed by Rio de Janeiro. Because of the lack of department stores and multi-brand boutiques, shopping malls as well as the Jardins district, which is more or less the Brazilian's Rodeo Drive version, attract most of the world's luxurious brands.

Opened in , JK shopping mall has brought to Brazil brands that were not present in the country before such as Goyard, Tory Burch, Llc.

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Large hotel chains whose target audience is the corporate traveller are in the city. The annual March For Jesus is a large gathering of Christians from Protestant churches throughout Brazil, with Sao Paulo police reporting participation in the range of , in The city has a nightlife that is considered one of the best in the country. There are cinemas, theaters, museums and cultural centers.

The cuisine of the region is a tourist attraction.

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The city has 62 cuisines across 12, restaurants. The new job vacancies contributed to attract a significant number of immigrants mainly from Italy [] and migrants, especially from the Northeastern states. The rapid population growth has brought many problems for the city. The water loss is However, between 11 and Sixty percent of the sewage collected is treated. The fixed telephony network is still precarious, with coverage of The original nuclei of the city are vertical, characterized by the presence of commercial buildings and services; And the peripheries are generally developed with two to four-story buildings — although such generalization certainly meets with exceptions in the fabric of the metropolis.

Its tallest buildings rarely reach forty stories, and the average residential building is twenty. Such tissue heterogeneity, however, is not as predictable as the generic model can make us imagine. Some central regions of the city began to concentrate indigents, drug trafficking , street vending and prostitution , which encouraged the creation of new socio-economic centralities.

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The characterization of each region of the city also underwent several changes throughout the 20th century. With the relocation of industries to other cities or states, several areas that once housed factory sheds have become commercial or even residential areas. These three periods are characterized by the typical constructive processes of their times. However, in general, the city was formed during the 20th century, growing from village to metropolis through a series of informal processes and irregular urban sprawl. The effectiveness of these plans has been seen by some planners and historians as questionable.

Some of these scholars argue that such plans were produced exclusively for the benefit of the wealthier strata of the population while the working classes would be relegated to the traditional informal processes. The Plan of the Avenues was implemented during the s and sought to build large avenues connecting the city center with the outskirts. This plan included renewing the commercial city center, leading to real estate speculation and gentrification of several downtown neighborhoods. The plan also led to the expansion of bus services, which would soon replace the trolley as the preliminary transportation system.

Peripheral neighborhoods were usually unregulated and consisted mainly of self-built single-family houses. The main result was zoning laws.

Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition) Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition)
Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition) Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition)
Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition) Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition)
Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition) Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition)
Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition) Labor Dental Técnica 7-2013 (Spanish Edition)

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