Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)

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If there is one thing I hate more than the cold is…. I got a huge tin full of treats wrapped in paper a few weeks back and since then nothing! I cannot understand what I have done, a few hairs left on the settee maybe, nor have I brought any more dead rats into the house. I was flush right out of ideas when suddenly a huge van pulls up next door, they are moving out! I sit in the window and watch four men carry all the furniture from the house into the van. Time to move, out the cat flap and into the back of the van, snuggle down on the settee.

He picks me up and puts me down in the garden. Give it tens minutes and pop back inside again. I scarper quickish like whilst the men resume loading. They have a last cup of tea before closing up and driving off. Now about seven streets away lives an elderly spinster by the name of Miss Bingham. She has no idea where I live, so I shoot around there and scratch the back door. Anyway, out comes pilchards, mackerel, sweetie treats, catnip and I make it my home for the next seven days. I make my way back home, but on the way roll in some muddy puddle, a run through the long wet grass and there we are, one bedraggled war weary looking cat.

Shall I limp? No, a limp could mean vets. Pull in the stomach muscles to look thin. It worked a treat. Well this is more like it! Winner Winner! Cat Food Dinner! Thanks to everyone that entered. Mia gets to enjoy some yummy cats treats. With so many opportunities offered at our campuses, online and in the workplace, the new year is a great time to embrace lifelong learning and professional and personal growth! Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition.

These puzzles are logic alone. They provide a whole different perspective on life compared with that of your parents. My Grandad, Derek Cridge, was a humble, honest, hard-working and very well-respected man. He was born in Bridgwater on September 28, , and remained there for the rest of his life.

Life after death: The International Journal of the History of Sport: Vol 24, No 11

At age 19 he met the love of his life, Sandra Cridge, and the rest is history — a real love story. Throughout the course of the cancer, St.

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It would be easy to discuss all the great work that the hospice does, but instead I will provide you with an example below which summarises the type of life changing quality of service they provide. September 10, , was the 48th wedding anniversary of my Grandparents — it was also just 7 days before my Grandad left this world. He had been admitted to the hospice several days before their anniversary.

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  • One of the nurses helped him to acquire an anniversary card which he then wrote out for my Nan. Watching my Grandad give the card to my Nan was one of the happiest and most proud moments of my life. This was just the nature of the staff at the St. In that moment I promised myself that I would one day pay back the kindness. I was most definitely NOT a runner before this challenge I had run only two 5k races in my life… well, I walked for half of each run. Each 5k run is tracked via Fitbit GPS and heart rate monitor, all data is available publicly.

    Therefore, it is my obligation to get outside, regardless of the weather, and push through the pain to raise money for this fantastic charity that truly improves the lives of so many. And to answer your question, no, I really do not enjoy running!

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    I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read about this challenge, if you are able to support me, this will in turn ensure that St. Are you a startup business? Or do you need a revamp of your old tired look? We can help you with design, print, your website and marketing. Stand out from your competition with a unique and memorable logo design that will be the face of your brand identity!

    The perfect package to get you up and running. A professional logo to show off and a website presence to promote your business. Call us: Email: info wordgetsaround. When did you last enjoy a walk like the dog? Do you suffer with ongoing pain?

    There is lots of talk these days about good mental health and needing to look after ourselves more. We caught up with Teresa Wort who is a qualified mindfulness and compassion teacher in Somerset. The practice of Mindfulness began with Buddhist traditions and was brought to the Western world over 30 years ago by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Since then the evidence-based for Mindfulness-based interventions has grown hugely, starting off with the treatment of people with re-occurring depression and is now more common place and used widely to support wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, manage pain and help teach people how to bring positivity and joy in to daily life.

    Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally. She began practicing mindfulness back in to help ease the pain when she was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.

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    Mindfulness can help profoundly with your health, wellbeing and happiness. From pain, anxiety, lowself esteem to blood pressure, immune system. There was one precarious situation where Mindfulness practice would really make the difference.

    Heart Ten Minute Play Festival

    I put myself in the recovery position and asked for something to put under my head and something to support my back. My friend rang the ambulance and I began practising mindfulness while we waited, it kept me calm and able to manage the pain. The terrain would cause more pain and possible damage and questions were raised over medication that could be administered to Teresa being idiopathic anaphylaxis. An air ambulance was called, and while they waited Teresa did a body scan practice to help with the pain.

    Dance of the Unwed Older Sibling

    I assured the air ambulance crew not to touch me, that the damage was round my knee and possibly my ankle. There began the road to recovery.

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    This all happened in and Teresa needed surgery to help mend her. She has been walking for nearly a year but a knee replacement will be required in the future. Her mindfulness practice has made all the difference and this inspired her to teach others. She now teaches bespoke one to one course and small groups.

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    Whether the thoughts are of past events or future ones, you are learning how to engage and manage the thoughts that are rushing around your mind. That is how so many people can end up becoming dependent on things they find pleasant such as drinking alcohol, going shopping, eating chocolate. Mindfulness helps you to face the bad moments, see them as part of a wider picture and develop emotional resilience around them. Anyone can benefit from it. Breath Your breath is always with you and grounds you in the here and now. Awareness Awareness of your thoughts and feelings and sensations.

    Choice It is important to realise that you have time to respond rather than react. Compassion You must learn to give compassion to both yourself and other people. If you would like to train to teach Mindfulness please visit www. The High Street is suffering with online shoppers and we have seen the historic County Stores close their doors after years. Those rose tinted glasses fit snug as we reminise over our history. A time when people looked out for each other and the town was a vibrant place to live.

    The truth is, we do still care, buildings evolve with a change in usage as they have always done.

    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens) Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)
    Spinsters (a ten minute play) (eTens)

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