The Complete Project Managers Toolkit

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What is Project Management Software?

The Complete Project Manager's Toolkit

With the introduction of computer technology, there have been a number of software tools specifically developed for project management purpose. MS Project is one such tool that has won the hearts of project managers all over the world. MS Project can be used as a standalone tool for tracking project progress or it can be used for tracking complex projects distributed in many geographical areas and managed by a number of project managers.

There are many other software packages for project management in addition to MS Project.

Most of these new additions are online portals for project management activities where the project members have access to project details and progress from anywhere. A comprehensive project review mechanism is a great tool for project management. More mature companies tend to have more strict and comprehensive project reviews as opposed to basic ones done by smaller organizations.

The Complete Project Manager’s Toolkit

In project reviews, the project progress and the adherence to the process standards are mainly considered. Usually, project reviews are accompanied by project audits by a 3rd party internal or external. Delivery reviews make sure that the deliveries made by the project team meet the customer requirements and adhere to the general guidelines of quality. Usually, a 3rd party team or supervisors internal conduct the delivery review and the main stakeholders of the project delivery do participate for this event.

The delivery review may decide to reject the delivery due to the quality standards and non-compliances. When it comes to performance of the project team, a scorecard is the way of tracking it. Every project manager is responsible of accessing the performance of the team members and reporting it to the upper management and HR. This information is then used for promotion purposes as well as human resource development.

A comprehensive score card and performance assessment can place the team member in the correct position. These tools do not have to be renowned software or something, but it can pretty well be simple and proven techniques to manage project work. Having a solid set of project management tools always makes project managers' work pleasurable and productive.

Knovel offers following tools to help you find materials and properties data

Project Management Tools Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page. Watch: Asana Project Management Demo. Though many project management tools include to-do lists, no one can hold much of a candle to Asana. Not only does Asana make creating and managing tasks exceptionally easy, it also makes sharing to-do lists with your colleagues a breeze. Each to-do list functions as its own project, with tasks listed underneath the project hierarchy.

At the task level, you can create sub-tasks, define each task with a category tag for easy searching, and attach files. As an added bonus, Asana lets you switch between to do lists, Kanban boards, and calendar views for the same projects, letting team members and individuals view their tasks in the way that works best for them.


Workflow tools help you track tasks and projects as they move through various stages of your process. These products often employ a Kanban board pictured above and cards as a framework for visualizing work in progress. Among workflow tools, Trello is perhaps the most comprehensive. Users can design boards as frameworks for any kind of process, and the software offers a great deal of functionality at the card level — i.

If you need to start a new project, just create a new board. If you often work with the same cast of characters, you can organize them into a team and invite them to a board with one click. Jira also provides Kanban, Scrum, and Agile planning boards with helpful features that allow software teams to integrate their data with the rest of the company. A really powerful feature of Jira is their customizable workflows. Block out dependencies and work passes from one team member to another without manual editing. You can automate workflows with a quick app integration, and pull in data or see your projects through the lens of over possible integrated apps.

Designed by mechanical engineer Henry Gantt in , the Gantt chart has had a relatively long run as a project management tool. While a Kanban board like Trello is best used at the task level, Gantt charts are better equipped for managing at a zoomed-out, project level. However, Aha! This software balances advanced project management features with a straightforward user interface.

LiquidPlanner lets teams assign work and collaborate over their projects all from a central IT project management hub that tracks time and IT assets. Assign tasks and estimate work hours, then use the LiquidPlanner tools to balance workloads. Paymo is an excellent piece of software for working with clients. Improving team collaboration is a perennial goal for all types of organizations.

Consequently, several of the best project management tools have focused on team collaboration, with Basecamp chief among them. Its message boards, native chat app, and file sharing make Basecamp an excellent choice for collaborating with teammates or clients. Check out the product page to learn more. ActiveCollab is perfect for agency and small teams work, as it combines project management, communication, digital asset management, and basic payments tools all into one.

Start a project and assign tasks, track time and resources, collaborate on and save assets in a centralized location, and invoice and process payments all from the same interface. And if some team members live in their email inbox, they can still collaborate by making and updating tasks directly from email. Take advantage of one of the custom add-ons like Dropbox to keep the team connected, PayPal to get your payments faster, and Zapier to start automating manual tasks.

The Complete Project Manager's Toolkit [Book]

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The Complete Project Managers Toolkit The Complete Project Managers Toolkit
The Complete Project Managers Toolkit The Complete Project Managers Toolkit
The Complete Project Managers Toolkit The Complete Project Managers Toolkit
The Complete Project Managers Toolkit The Complete Project Managers Toolkit
The Complete Project Managers Toolkit The Complete Project Managers Toolkit

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