The World in the Model

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Age of Awareness

Behavioural Economics and Public Policy.

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The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think by Mary S. Morgan

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The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think

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Mergers and Acquisitions. Microeconomic Reform Scoreboard Microeconomic Reform and Productivity Growth. Microeconomic Reform and Structural Change in Employment. Microeconomic Reform and the Environment. Microeconomic Reforms in Australia: A Compendium from the s to Migration, Trade and Investment. MoDEM 2. More Time for Business. The international security analyst and consultant Thomas Homer-Dixon observed how failure in viability in one aspect of a system is frequently accompanied by simultaneous failures in other aspects of that system.

He referred to this situation as synchronous failure Homer-Dixon, The WSM can make us more aware of the way changes in viability in one node might cause domino effects throughout the system, resulting in changes in other nodes.

A solution proposed from the isolated perspective of one particular node and focused only on improving the viability of that node can actually result in negative effects decreased viability in one or many other nodes. To avoid this we need to learn to think and act more systemically. So far, the WSM has been used to map out the potential impact of diverse synchronous failure or synchronous success , and domino-effect scenarios in a number of case-study applications ranging in scale from small communities to cities, regions, islands, and even entire countries see Hodgson, By engaging diverse groups of stakeholders and experts in the process of questioning the possible connections between different nodes, we challenge them to connect issues that might previously have been viewed in isolation.

The World in the Model The World in the Model
The World in the Model The World in the Model
The World in the Model The World in the Model
The World in the Model The World in the Model
The World in the Model The World in the Model
The World in the Model The World in the Model
The World in the Model The World in the Model
The World in the Model The World in the Model

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